Manage your collection

Aura Online is packed with features to make it incredibly easy to manage your title descriptions. The slick screen layout allows any user to master Aura in short time. The Catalogue Management Service enriches your library’s catalogue with appealing imagery, neat labeling, versatile file sharing, and fast and accurate information retrieval.

Clear, friendly user interface

Using choice lists you can add new books to your catalogue quickly. Apply keywords and synonyms, enter descriptions and define how long patrons can borrow your media.

Design barcode and spine labels

Barcode and spine label management in Aura Online is a breeze. You can create any barcode and spine label design without limitations.

View book covers

Pictures say more than words. With Aura Online, you can add book cover images and create for instance an appealing new arrivals kiosk.

But wait, there's more...

Multiple Types of Media

With Aura Online you can manage virtually all kind of media and library items.

Link External Files

Link title descriptions to external files such as PDF and Word documents, images and e-books.

Keywords and Synonyms

Use keywords and synonyms to tag your items for faster retrieval.

Multiple Location View

Even if your library has several branches, you can manage them without expensive network connections.

New Arrivals Slider

Present your new arrivals in an attractive kiosk. If you add a new item, it will automatically show up in the slider.

Export Tool

Extensive support for exporting reports to PDF, Excel and Word. Design any layout in the Report Designer and publish your creation.
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