Our Customers are Happy

They know Aura Online saves time and improves the quality of service

Tens of thousands of librarians, students, teachers and employees across the world are using Aura Online. In the Netherlands, where we started 22 years ago, Aura is the most widely used library management software. More than 85% of all schools and a lot of companies are using Aura. Why? Because it works! Read what some of our happy customers say about Aura Online:

Jos Smeets

Librarian Sintermeerten College, The Netherlands “Yesterday’s first comments from my volunteers and regular staff after working with Aura Online: Superb! We are tremendously enthusiastic about Aura Online.”

Hedwig van den Hout

Webmaster and OLC responsible "Heilig Graf", Belgium “Very user friendly software. It contains all important functions to professionally run a school library. And the helpdesk .. just great!”

Jose Hageraats

Librarian "Het Rijnlands Lyceum", The Netherlands “I recommended Aura Online several times already. I advised other librarians to switch to Aura Online because there are so many possibilities. After all, it is kind of an advertisement for your own media library. Students can renew their books online and view our catalogue at home or anywhere else, anytime. A lot of benefits.”

Bianca Hoefakker

Head Librarian "Kalsbeek College", The Netherlands “The power of Aura Online is that students, teachers and library staff can manage their tasks from anywhere, not only in the library. The library runs more efficiently while at the same time our service level increases.”

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